Our Process

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Our process starts with a detailed understanding of your short term as well as your long term goals. We will discuss where you are and where you want to be. We will evaluate information in areas of time horizon, income, expenses, and cash needs.

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We will then create a personalized needs analysis based on your information. We will construct a plan that will address your concerns and offer solutions. Focused on making the right decisions about your financial future. We may need your assistance to obtain information from other companies.

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We will review your plan together and agree on how you would like to proceed. We will educate you on how our solutions work towards your goals. We will make action steps based on your specific needs, considering your time horizon, investment objectives, and other factors specific to you.

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Once we have all agreed on the best solution for your needs we will then start the process of obtaining the correct paperwork and signatures. This may involve other paperwork that we will have to request from other companies. All of the required information will be assisted by our staff if needed.

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After we have implemented your plan we will schedule periodic meetings to keep your plan current and on track. This is the time when we can make changes and discuss any corrective actions.